Discover our carefully curated edit of men’s Fendi. Expect a variety of unique, fearless and fun designs fashioned from high-quality materials that will instantly uplift your look. There’s no mistaking the label’s eye-catching prints and patterns and vibrant colour palette. Complete your look — shop our special selection of Fendi now.

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  1. Fendi

    Fendi FF Lace Up Shoe
    As low as $805.00
  2. Fendi

    Fendi FF Wallet
  3. Fendi

    Fendi FF Reversible Duffel Coat
    As low as $3,720.00
  4. Fendi

    Fendi FF Collar Reversible Shearling Jacket
    As low as $3,780.00
  5. Fendi

    Fendi Flow Sneakers
    As low as $820.00
  6. Fendi

    Fendi Zip Polo Shirt
    As low as $540.00
  7. Fendi

    Fendi FF Motif Reversible Belt
    As low as $520.00
  8. Fendi

    Fendi FF Tape Jersey Track Pants
    As low as $870.00
  9. Fendi

    Fendi Banded FF T-Shirt
    As low as $435.00
  10. Fendi

    Fendi Turtleneck Jumper
    As low as $660.00
  11. Fendi

    Fendi Velvet Sweatshirt
    As low as $870.00
  12. Fendi

    Fendi Turtleneck Jumper
    As low as $835.00
  13. Fendi

    Fendi Zip Neck Hoodie Sweatshirt
    As low as $1,180.00
  14. Fendi

    Fendi Clutch Bag
  15. Fendi

    Fendi FF Flash Sneakers
    As low as $660.00
  16. Fendi

    Fendi FF Motif Flow Sneakers
    As low as $820.00
  17. Fendi

    Fendi Flow Sneakers
    As low as $760.00
  18. Fendi

    Fendi Reversible Down Jacket
    As low as $2,030.00
  19. Fendi

    Fendi Tech Fabric FF Motif Low-Top Sneaker
    As low as $660.00
  20. Fendi

    Fendi FF Bathrobe
    As low as $900.00
  21. Fendi

    Fendi FF Motif Logo Hoodie
    As low as $900.00
  22. Fendi

    Fendi FF Motif Trim Panel Belt
    As low as $325.00